Reflexology ~ Ionic Detox Footbaths


Why You Benefit

Healing and wholeness. Energy and balance. Alignment and ease. Reflexology can be the path to all of these and so much more! My study and practice of reflexology is truly the culmination to date of my personal journey into health and wellness. It was Jim Morrison of the Doors who said of life, “No one gets out alive.” In truth, no one gets out unscathed… by illness, injury, trauma, loss, disappointment, hurts that are physical, emotional, psychological, all with the potential to rob us of quality of life.

I am no exception. In my quest to thrive despite them, to find answers and strength within, I began to explore the benefits of natural healing strategies. I investigated ionic foot baths as a means of detoxifying the body and finding internal equilibrium despite the accumulation of day to day stressors. And I embraced reflexology as a means of enhancing the body’s potential to heal itself if given the right opportunity.

Reflexology is a language, and I am the interpreter of your body’s messages. When I hold your feet in my hands, I read what your systems have to say about you. I have studied how to send signals back to different systems of your body to enhance their functioning, unblock what is bound up and optimize the synergies that are supposed to be freely flowing inside you. I am passionate about reflexology, and I have to thank Dr. Jesus Manzanares, physician, surgeon, scholar and pioneer into the power of this healing art.

Dr. Manzanares is convinced that there is a way to facilitate healing and health through the portal that is a foot. The humble foot is actually quite a lofty perch for me, as a reflexologist, one that I treasure with each person I work with. I learn so much! And I know I give a lot back in every session I share with a client.

Life is hard. Life is wondrous. We have capacity for much through all iterations of those times when they come. Sometimes, all we need is a gentle boost into patience and courage when we are ill, into faith and strength when we are beset by pain and yearning for relief, and also, into attention and care when we are flying high and all is so right. Reflexology is that opportunity.

I love my work.