Reflexology ~ Ionic Detox Footbaths

"Lise is extremely skillful and gentle at the same time. I had a shoulder injury, and Lise was able to identify the right nerve to relieve my pain. She is very professional. I would recommend her to my friends."  Gail R., Bethlehem NH    

"In just one reflexology session, Lise offered me the most comprehensive and holistic overview of my health that I have ever had from one practitioner.  She sensed areas of muscle tension and bone alignment issues that one might expect to hear from a massage therapist or chiropractor.  She told me about which organs were showing signs of stress, including that most mysterious organ, the brain.  To date, only my acupuncturist had offered any information about organ health.  Lise even told me about the state of my immune system:  all from just massaging my feet!"  Jacki K, Bethlehem, NH

“I felt so good after my first session that I slept very deeply and woke up energized”    Kate F, Berlin NH 

“Since I began receiving reflexology sessions, my energy levels have increased after every session.”    Erin B. K.,  Milan NH

“I had a rash on the trunk of my body and after a session with Lise, the rash completely disappeared the next day without the need for medication. I attribute it to the reflexology session.”  Robin L.,  Berlin NH

 “I have not had back pain since my reflexology session two weeks ago. I’m very pleased!” C.N. Berlin

 “My lower back has been improving after every session and I haven’t done anything different except for reflexology!”  Dennis N., Berlin

“I fell like a young girl…my energy has become completely unblocked. It is very pleasant. I was so relaxed I could barely get up to leave!” Darlene P., Berlin

“My right leg was less sore and less restless after first session. I will continue receiving reflexology sessions because it has shown to improve the symptoms of restless legs syndrome.”   P. P. Berlin

“After three sessions I realized that I haven’t gotten a headache since nor have I had any acid reflux episodes since I started with Lise.”  Sue V. Berlin

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Testimonials - Reflexology