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Testimonials - Ionic Detox Footbaths

"My 2 year old daughter had an infected lymph node in her neck the size of a golf ball. Her Dr. prescribed an antibiotic. Six days later, the inflammation had barely changed. She was given a ten minute footbath session, and to my surprise, the inflammation had reduced to half its size later that day, and the next day was almost gone. She stopped her fussiness immediately and slept very well. One treatment was enough."
Rhonda, Berlin, NH

"Originally, I went to OSMOSIS ionic foot soaks to find relief for a knee injury. It has helped my knee to be more flexible and has reduced the swelling. Then I injured my ankle in a cross-country skiing accident. The ankle was very swollen and bruised. I was told that nothing was broken, just badly bruised or tore the lateral ligaments. The foot soaks have helped with the swelling, pain and bruising. The ionic footbaths at OSMOSIS are very relaxing and therapeutic. It is amazing how it cleanses the tissues and organs in your body. I really feel refreshed after a soak. I would recommend this to anyone." --Sandy  NH

"I love going to Peak Health for my massage and then having my footsoak at Osmosis right after. I really notice a difference!"  --Pat, NH

"I broke my wrist and was in a cast for 6 weeks and physical therapy three times a week for three months. After a month, I wanted to stop but the therapist said 'two more months because the amount of swelling is preventing you to work on improving your muscles.' I decided to have an ionCleanse session. Afterwards, the therapist noticed all the swelling had gone. We started muscle exercises and I only needed two more appointments!"  Phise, 84 years old, Gorham, NH

"I've had a long-standing injury on my Achilles tendon and had tried many anti-inflammatory medications without satisfactory results. After my first ionCleanse session the inflammation had reduced to half it's size without having to take pills. I also sleep better."  Denise, Milan, NH

"As a result of ionCleanse® sessions at Osmosis, I've experienced more energy, clarity of mind, feeling of well-being, etc., than I've felt in years!! I feel lighter, and my thinking is more acute. Now, instead of having to force myself to do what needs to be done at home, and in other areas of my life, I have so much energy that I have to force myself to stop! I will definitely continue going to Osmosis once a week!!"  --Darlene, Berlin NH

"I was taking two Nexium a day for quite a while for a bad case of GERD. After two sessions, I was able to cut down to one tablet a day, and had the best sleep I'd had in months."  Jean, W. Stewartstown, NH

The IonCleanse® is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease or ailment.