Testimonials - OSMOLOGY

"My doctor recommended surgery for the severe acid reflux I was experiencing. I discovered Lise through a friend and as a last resort, decided to try the Osmology Package. Right away I noticed that the footbaths began to neutralize the excess acid in my stomach, and Lise worked diligently with the reflexes connected to G.E.R.D. I never did have surgery because I feel so much better. Going to Lise was the only different thing I did during those first 6 weeks. I continue to purchase Osmology Packages for once-a-month maintenance, not for my original reason, but for the deep relaxation and rest that I get during my sessions.  I would recommend her to anyone." Polly, Bath, NH

"I have been going to Lise at Osmosis monthly for over two years.  My preferred treatment is OSMOLOGY – the ionic foot bath cleanse is a great monthly detox that I believe has been instrumental in maintaining my weight; the reflexology sessions have helped everything from stubborn PMS to rebalancing my energy when I have gone through challenging physical or emotional times.  Lise’s gifts as a practitioner and healer make this monthly health maintenance appointment an investment in time and money that is a total 'no brainer.”

       Katrine Barclay, Wellness AT Work – Life Coaching, Yoga Instruction, Motivational Speaking

"Lise, just a quick note to say thank you for offering local services for ionCleanse Foot baths and Reflexology Treatments.  I was unaware of these treatments until referred to you by my Physical Therapist, and I am so happy that I was introduced to you through that trusted source.  Your tangible dialog is so fantastic and you offer feedback on my medical condition along with the week to week progress that I am making.  I also love your suggestions for reading materials, you have opened up new paths of perspective for me which has been an enormous boost to my knowledge and personal power.  I appreciate the thorough appointment notes that you provided for me to give to the Naturopath I am seeing.  After years of spa treatments, I can honestly say that I have never been so relaxed as when you work the reflexes in my feet - I truly feel rested, relaxed and rejuvenated after each appointment and I love detoxing with the ionCleanse Foot bath as well, it makes me feel like I am helping to balance my body.  I look forward to continuing with these treatments as I feel it has added a new dimension to my health care wellness plans.  As a small business owner I appreciate the increase to my focus and productivity as a result of these treatments."
   Thank you again,
   Company Director, Small Business Owner    

"I have done weekly series of Detox footbaths and one hour of reflexology sessions to help me deal with the loss of my mother and Lise has been awesome. She has been focusing on that part of my feet representing the front part of my brain dealing with emotions and it has helped me getting my emotions under control. Thank you Lise."  Ilja C. Bethlehem, NH            


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